Did Glantz & ANTZ help to destroy ecig ban?



Ecigs are NOT medicines.

This was the conclusion of the Swedish Administrative Court today, ending a rollercoaster case that has been dragging on for over two years. The Swedish Medicines Agency Läkemedelsverket took an ecig shop to court under the presumption that nicotine-containing ecigs and eliquids should be regulated under medicines law and regulation. The Court has finally decided that ecigs should not be subjected to this law or any medicines regulation. It is a huge win for consumer-driven tobacco harm reduction and freedom of choice.

The most sublime part of this ruling was the fact that Läkemedelsverket’s case was built on their claim that since ecigs are effective cessation products, they should be brought under their juristiction in line with patches, gums, Chantix and other medicinal cessation products. The court ruled that after consideration of the available “evidence”, they didn’t consider ecigs to be effective cessation products.

So in their own special way, anti-vaping buffoon Glantz and the army of junk-science spouting “researchers” around the world have helped to prevent ecigs being banned as illegal/unlicensed medicines. It’s a delightful irony that a case whose central premise appeared to have been “These things are awesome cessation products, let’s ban them” has been rejected.

Of course anyone who cares to look around them and see the amount of ex-smoking vapers there are knows full well that ecigs are a superb choice for those who would like to switch to a less harmful product. And thanks to the junk science of Glantz et al, many more Swedish smokers will continue to get the opportunity to try for themselves.

So thanks Stan & friends. You have inadvertantly helped Swedish vapers to win one battle. Now the war really begins in earnest, as vapers, harm-reduction advocates and enlightened politicians fight both the TPD and the inevitable attempts of the Swedish government to gold-plate it.


19 thoughts on “Did Glantz & ANTZ help to destroy ecig ban?

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    • Delicious isn’t it?! And it makes the court ruling even sweeter news. Still a long way to go though – out of the medreg frying pan and into the TPD fire, as it were. But for today I’m happy to enjoy a rare victory to the full!

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  4. At least Glantz helped get smoking banned and smokers hated, so we won’t have to be around any of that harmful second hand smoking. Maybe he does not realize he helped legitimize vaping in its place.


    • Yes he did Nan , with another tobacco control LIE about second hand smoke ! It causes harm to no one ! Check the facts. No scientific study has ever concluded that SHS causes any harm. A couple stated possible and maybe ! It is well known that TC have just continued with the lie over many years and people believe it.
      This time his lies have backfired on him. I rejoice in that fact.
      It will only be a matter of time before him and others who have continually been lying about vaping will be held to account for their BS.

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    • Dileep Bal was one of the key tobacco operatives within the California Department of Health. “We created the science, we did the interventions and then all the scientists came in behind us and analyzed what we did.” That’s correct and straight from the horse’s mouth, an admission, or rather boast, that the stories, and that is what they were had no scientific backing until it was “invented.” And the CDPH had the millions to buy whatever science they wanted. Because of your comment I am posting my latest blog here – it is not good manners but I believe you have said what you have in all sincerity. https://brainyfurball.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/sacrificial-lambs/ Apologies to all for promoting my own blog – I do not make a habit of it.


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