Dame Sally’s Blooz

Dick Puddlecote’s astonishing revelations about the UK Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies earlier this evening have me lost for words. Thankfully, Fergus Mason has plenty to spare on the subject, so I urge you to read both superb posts. There’s also more on the Ashtray blog.

The information released after an FOI request paints a gloomy picture of Dame Sally, and asks a number of questions about anti-vaping campaigner Martin Mckee. It also throws the spotlight on the actions of the Faculty of Public Health and its new President, John Middleton (or Dr Blooz as he prefers to be known by on twitter). According to the blogpost, he appears to have set his mouth organ down to act as Sally mouthpiece in an effort to keep Public Health England’s increasingly positive position on vaping silent.

One thing’s for sure – there is going to be a heap of pressure from the millions of vaping members of the public to spend the >150 hours required to approve the release of all 3000 correspondences. We have a right to know.

In the meantime, I’m going to write an arrangement of Sally’s Blues. For harmonica, cantata choir and Belfast castrato.



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