Here are the results from the Stockholm jury

It’s that time of year again, when Swedish vaper & blogger @LejonMia publishes her survey results. The survey is in Swedish, so it only covers those in Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland who understand Swedish. And who vape. And who take part in surveys.

In total, 255 vapers took part and the results for 2015 are interesting as ever, giving us a snapshot of four countries (and Sweden in particular) where the legality of vaping product sales have been teetering on their respective knife edges for getting on for two years now.

Here are some of the key stats gleaned from the results:

Around 45% of the vapers had smoked for 25 years or more, and 67% responded that they had helped at least one other smoker to quit smoking by switching to vaping.

Fewer than 9% said they vaped tobacco flavours – the most popular regular choice being fruit flavours at 23%.

87% reported improvements to their health, and 88% reported that they stopped smoking either the same day they started vaping or within a short space of time, leaving just 12% who currently still smoke (reported as occasional smoking). Over two-thirds (69%) had been vaping for longer than 6 months at the time of the survey.

Thanks to LejonMia for taking the time to create and report the study on her lovely blog.


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