Auntie Beeb tries vaping

The BBC show Trust me I’m a Doctor broadcast 29th October (watch it here) featured a series of tests on vapers, smokers & the effects of passive vaping on non-smoking bystanders. The results were most interesting:

We’ve taken samples of saliva, urine and breath from a range of vapers and a group of smokers. And we’ve done the same tests to look at the risks(sic) of passive vaping.

First, nicotine levels. We found that vapers got a similar dose of nicotine to smokers.

Now for the real nasties: Carbon Monoxide, associated with heart disease, and Acrolein, associated with cancer and lung problems.

The vapers had significantly lower levels (of CO & Acrolein), similar to those found in non-smokers.

As for the risk from passive vaping, our tests found no evidence that vaping was affecting people nearby.

Perhaps it’s time for the BBC to reply to the British Medical Association. I’ve even drafted them a letter.

Dear BMA,

Thanks for your unscientific and frankly lame scaremongering disguised as advice. It suggested we ban vaping in our workplaces based on spurious evidence. We over-reacted as a result of your whining puritanism and enforced a ban, but we’ve changed our minds. It’s fine.

Love Auntie xxx


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